meet our sweeties

Dearest cupcake lovers: So sorry! Our cupcakes will now be available only on weekend days.
We generally make one or two of the flavors below fresh each Friday.

  • guinness gingerbread

    Made with a magical combination of Guinness stout and molasses, and topped with a swirl of spiced buttercream frosting.. Mmmmm.

  • Coffee Cake

    chocolate happiness

    Because what's happier than a chocolate cupcake?... A chocolate cupcake covered in vanilla buttercream, of course! We dare you.. Eat one, then try to be sad.

  • Red Velvet

    red velvet

    Seriously.. It's that red.. I mean, Portland red.

  • Lemon love

    lemon love

    Our cupcake baker's favorite flavor (possibly made with even more love than other flavors?).. A warning to lemon lovers: these can be addictive.

  • pink princess

    pink princess

    Because some days, you just need to feel special. Vanilla cake topped with a pink vanilla buttercream. If only we had a tiny candy tiara to put on top!

  • double chocolate super fluff

    double chocolate super fluff

    Possibly the cutest of all our cupcakes (certainly the stickiest). Double chocolate cake topped with old-fashioned boiled icing. One of these inspired the painting in our lobby.

  • seasonal flavors

    seasonal flavors

    To celebrate the various holidays and seasons (and for our bakers' amusement!). These were in celebration of spring.

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