the artwork you see

We love to decorate the diner with the creations of local artists and illustrators. We don't sell artwork off the walls, but if you see something you like,
prints of most of what's hanging can be purchased by contacting the artists directly (info below). Currently gracing the walls of City State:

David Hohn

David is a full-time illustrator who lives here in Portland. Much of his professional time is spent creating artwork for children's books. We really dig the combination of whimsy with precise, beautiful detail in his work.

If you'd like to learn more about David, or purchase prints of any of the pieces you see at the diner, visit his website at:

Squirrel House

Janet Kowal

Janet is a graphic designer and illustrator who also lives in Portland. She loves creation of all kinds, and is also the designer of City State's various graphics and signs (including our beloved heart sign).

If you'd like to learn more about Janet and her design work, you can visit her website at:


(recently hanging at City State):

Lee White

Even though his artwork is no longer hanging in the diner, we still get a lot of people asking about it, remembering when it was. Maybe that's because his joyous, dream-like paintings seem to come from that secret place where our five year old self lives? (Lee is a local children's book illustrator, too).

If you'd like to learn more about Lee, or purchase prints of his work, visit his website at:

Squirrel House

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