meet our sweeties

Our bakery selection varies from day to day, but generally you'll find yummy coffee cake, one or two scone flavors, assorted cookies, and whatever else the bakers feel like making at the moment. Some of the regulars:

  • Coffee Cake

    coffee cake

    A customer favorite, especially popular with the afternoon coffee crowd. A moist and marbled sour cream coffee cake, layered and topped with brown sugar walnut crumble.

  • Scones


    Our favorite is the cinnamon raisin, and it's available most days. Depending on the mood and the season, we also bake apricot, maple bacon, and various local berry scones.

  • Cookies

    cookies and bars

    We usually have two or three types baked up. Our regular flavors: Chocolate chip (with both white and dark chocolate chips), peanut butter, (chewy) ginger molasses, shortbread, apricot and seasonal berry bars.

  • Biscuits

    amazing biscuits

    Okay, biscuits are not technically a "sweetie", but they're stars of our bakery, just the same. This picture doesn't tell half the tale. Our resident biscuit experts are covered head to toe with flour most days of the week. Their sacrifice is your gain. Our handmade biscuits are baked fresh for you every day!

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